"The Profit Equation"
The Ultimate Guide For Salon Owners Who Want to Increase Profit, Master Their Business Finances & Gain Control


We have worked with salons of all shapes and sizes for the past 7 years and in this programme you will have all the tools and resources you need to increase profit immediately 

Knowing how to craft your price structure correctly instead of looking at what your competitors charge. 

To do this I will show you:

>How to work out your business costs so they are factored into the cost of each treatment and service you deliver such as rent, utilities, tax/vat etc 

>How to factor in the treatments cost such as the stock and consumables to deliver each of your services 

> How to ensure you are factoring at least a 20% Profit margins per treatment because the truth is if you don't charge for PROFIT you won't make any

>Wages, you need to ensure the wage of your team member is correctly factored in and the commission rate you can afford to pay them. Not just a number plucked from the sky 

Reporting & Measuring 

Reporting and measuring is key to a successful and profitable salon

Knowing your break even point weekly and daily 

Find where you are losing money, I know it can sometimes feel like you have a little cash eating monster in your business, but you just can't find him. In this training we are going to uncover EVERYTHING and turn that cash eating monster into a Profit making machine.

Know which treatments and services make you money and which are costing you right now!! You know I have not yet worked with a salon who were not losing money on some treatments or services before they started working with me 

Marketing Your Business Profitably

We will teach you how to market your salon profitably so you never make a financial loss ever again!! Taking full control of your finances. 

How to choose the right product brand to make you more profitable and attract more ideal clients into your business 

Measuring when you need to be marketing and when you don't and NEVER having to put offers on again!!!

Lifetime access to all tools and resources including new updates 

Our "Profit Equation" programme includes lifetime membership!! You can log in for life to all the tools and resources

FREE BONUS content

We have included some free bonus content 
Including a visualisation tool to help you craft your vision
And the next steps to massive growth....
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